Lovely November

October is almost over, readers! I’m planning to celebrate my November by reading 6000 words (about 20 pages) every day. That will be a hundred and eighty thousand words in a month.

I’ve selected some novellas published by Fiction on the Web to read. FOTW is an excellent place for readers like me who like both fictional and real-life stories.

November is an important month for many writers in the United States and other English-speaking countries since it is the National Novel Writing Month, or as they call it NaNoWriMo. Good luck to everyone who participates. Let’s keep reading and scribbling daily and have a lot of fun!

Fortunately or unfortunately, NaNoWriMo requires you to write at a breakneck pace, so I got used to just pushing on through.

Ann Leckie

Over the Moon

Misagh (my lovely younger brother) and I watched Over the Moon yesterday afternoon. This Netflix animated film was somehow too dreamy, but I did like it anyway. The beautiful songs, those lovely voices of actors and actresses, and that little white bunny mesmerized me.

The lesson I learned from Over the Moon is that even after losing our loved ones, we should still try to enjoy our lives and do our best to establish a good relationship with other humans. Who knows? Perhaps we fall in love with a new person again!

“Over the Moon” combines magical locations, impressive animation, memorable musical numbers, sweet characters, and positive life lessons in a fairy tale about the boundless love of family.

Jennifer Green

American Chatterbox

I started learning English when I turned eleven. Twenty-one years ago (June 1999 to be exact). I remember the very first book that they gave me was named English Today! I spent that summer (two terms) studying English Today 1 and then quit because I had to focus on my school textbooks.

After one year (June 2000), I enrolled in another language institute where they taught American Chatterbox to teenagers. There were six absorbing comic books (starter, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). I didn’t have to study the first book, so I began with American Chatterbox 1.

Chatterbox was a comic series, as I said. Each book had a gripping story that kept students hooked and curious. The colorful pages, the superb voice of characters (on the cassette), and the adventures made studying English a pleasurable task for young learners.

Chatterbox led me to where I am today. It gave me both the love of studying English and the relish of reading stories at the same time.

Let’s Begin

I love writing. It helps me feel calm and serene most of the time. I also enjoy asking questions and listening to people. These are my favorite hobbies and activities.

My biggest dream is to write just like American authors. I want to be able to describe whatever that crosses my mind in English.

Chatterbox is going to be a simple but lovely place where I share slices of my life with potential readers. I intend to improve my pieces day by day. My main priority in writing is having fun, though!

I hope you’ll support me by sending your feedback to my email address from time to time. Literature, movies, and real-life stories are three main topics that I’d love to focus on in this blog.