The Great Gift

I spend most of my time daydreaming, watching animated movies, and reading fiction. Even when I sleep, I enter a pleasant magical world where I see lots of new stuff and people. That’s why I love staying in bed so much.

One great thing about being a human is that we all have a creative mind. This creativity is a great gift that helps us escape from reality whenever we want.

Sometimes I feel I’m too fragile because I don’t accept life as it is (the need to make money to survive, aging, death, etc.), and sometimes I feel I must be proud of myself as I have always been rebellious and wayward.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein

Bahar Kandej

I’m single at the moment, but if I were married to a nice girl/woman, then I would definitely want to have a baby girl. Lucky are men who have a daughter! (and maybe more!)

Ask me what I would name my girl. OK, now that you have asked me, I’ll let you know.

If her mother were Iranian, I’d name my daughter Bahar. And If her mother were from an English-speaking country, I would call her Summer. Just picture it! Bahar Kandej & Summer Kandej! I do love this fantasy (and my lovely girls)!

When I come home, my daughter will run to the door and give me a big hug, and everything that’s happened that day just melts away.

Hugh Jackman

Scribbling & Living

If I were a rich man who didn’t need to work hard to make a living, I would spend most of my time watching the latest movies and writing about them on my professional website.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

Anatole France

My current profession is speaking English with language learners, so luckily, my fantasy and my job aren’t that irrelevant.

Writing is my passion. I only need to take it more seriously and find a practical way to make money by scribbling about the topics that I like.

Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.

Francis Bacon

All Is Well

The first day of November was OK. I watched two new movies and downloaded all seasons of Friends in full HD quality.

Tomorrow morning (a few hours later), I will start reading the Harry Potter books. I read the first one about two years ago but couldn’t continue. This time I’m going to read the entire story. I think it will take me two to three months to finish them.

I don’t have anybody to speak English with, but I keep practicing anyway by talking to myself and recording my voice on the phone. I hope I’ll spend more time speaking English from now on. My sole target right now is to become excellent at telling tales well orally.